As described in the Getting Things Done methodology we have to cope with a large amount of incoming information; E-mails are outdated, but still heavily used. They are trapped in our client software, only transferable by copy and paste. Thus we need a way to import those into our favorite project management system to actually get things done.

Working with Taiga and Thunderbird for quite a while now, I managed to write a thunderbird extension for this very purpose. It converts Thunderbirds mails to user stories, tasks and tickets for the Taiga project management system. You can get the plugin at thunderbird’s addon repository. And if you like to contribute go to my the GitHub repository. Those sources are licensed under the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0.

Please keep in mind, that this is an early version missing some of the aforementioned features. When I get the time, it’ll move forward. Another way is community contribution, obviously.


There are two ways to this addon. Right click on an E-mail and choose Taiga or select one and do likewise through Message > Taiga. If any of the menu seems disabled, there might be something wrong with the addon’s settings.


The user authenticates with a token against any Taiga-instance. There’s an application token, especially for this addon’s use-case, and a user token authenticating the user himself. Since Taiga’s application token flow is rather unusable, authentication is done via the user’s bearer-token. To obtain this token, log in to your Taiga, open the developer console and get it from the application’s local storage. The following screencast illustrates this slightly hacky solution.

Obtain User Token



Feel free to comment and give some feedback. For all the technical stuff, bug reports, pull requests, etc., please go to the GitHub repository and contribute.


Setup your Taiga instance
Create Taiga Ticket


 VersionDev. State
Message to Markdown1.0🌕
Watchers from E-mail1.0🌕
Upload attachments1.0🌕
German Translation1.0🌕
Wizard: create Issue1.0🌕
Wizard: create User-Story2.0🌓
Wizard: create Task3.0🌓
Wizard: Comment4.0🌓
Wizard: Upload Attachments5.0🌓